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Solid Works
ECCO/GREGORY is now capable of supplying
3D product and/or assembly drawings to meet
customer's requirements, including projects
with BIM (Building Information Modeling)
and/or IPD (Integrated Project Delivery).

ECCO/GREGORY is a distributor of industrial valves, actuators, filters, instrumentation and process control equipment.

ECCO/GREGORY Inc. employs a fully trained, professional support staff of application engineers, inside and outside sales people. We maintain a significant inventory of valves, actuators, positioners, filters and instrumentation in our West Chester, Pennsylvania warehouse.

  • On-site Factory Authorized Valve Actuation and Automation shop
  • On-site Gauge Repair, Certification and Calibration
  • On-site Chemical Seal Filling Capabilities
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To order call toll free 800.220.3226. Major Credit cards accepted.